Yerlan Idelbayev

EECS PhD Student

I'm a 5th year PhD student (now candidate) supervised by Miguel Á. Carreira-Perpiñán at UC Merced . My current research interests lie in model compression, particularly compression of deep neural networks, e.g. quantization, pruning, etc.

Recent Updates

Jan 2020 A paper has been accepted to the ICASSP 2021!
Dec 2020 A paper has been accepted to the DCC 2021! See details in publications.
Sep 2020 I have been selected to the receive the Outstanding Teaching Award ($1000).
Aug 2020 Released the low-rank AlexNet models from our CVPR2020 paper, take a look here.
May 2020 Take a look at our generic model compression software: code and paper.
Feb 2020 Two papers accepted to the CVPR 2020!